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Welcome to the Future of Floor Safety

Surface Control provides a complete set of Tools, Software and Services for people and organisations concerned with managing Floor Safety.
If you are responsible for managing or insuring buildings or already provide related services then you can benefit by using our system.
This system is called FACTS: Floor-safety Audit, Control and Testing System.
It is a comprehensive Management System that can be scaled from small retail premises up to nation-wide enterprises. Download the FACTS Overview
Slip Accidents are Expensive
Why Slips Accidents are Important Open-Close Section
Slips and trips are the single largest cause of accidents in the workplace in the UK and cost over half a billion pounds each year in claims.
The Health & Safety Laboratory reports that a major contributory factor in slip accidents in workplace and in public spaces is the application of inappropriate cleaning processes.
The HSL findings have been borne out by Surface Control monitoring results and experience obtained since 2008 in a wide variety of scenarios including Shopping centres, Leisure Centres, Railway Stations, Hospitals, Airports, Schools, Universities, Public Sector buildings, Offices, Care Homes.
Most organisations struggle to keep track of multi-site floor safety management. Floor custodians are uncertain as to compliance with safety laws. Many organisations have no defence on hand in the event of claims, no risk assessments, no clear compliance procedures, and unclear responsibilities.

Very few building custodians realise that the risks of slip accidents can be predicted and hence in law breaches of safety in this area can be regarded as being exceptionally culpable unless proper preventative actions are in place.   
Simple control measures delivered through Surface Control's cloud-based risk management and compliance system can help ensure correct procedures are adopted and compliance effectively monitored and shown to:
  Reduce accident numbers, by between 50% and 60% (based on extrapolation of HSL report figures)
Provide greater defensibility where accidents still occur (source: Barrister Amanda de Winter)
 accident_estimator_smallBetter utilise the Claims Portal to further reduce the costs of claims. (source: AXA UK)We have distilled all this experience into a set of simple tools and applications that you can use to estimate your risks and implement preventative measures.