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Surface Control was formed in 2006 supported by the innovation business, Trevor Baylis Brands.  

As members of the UK Slip Resistance Group(UKSRG), our initial focus was in Risk Assessments of floor surfaces where we:

- Provided slip-testing to BS7976 using calibrated British Pendulum Skid-Testers
- Offered an Expert Witness service
- Consulted with organisations to reduce their exposure to slip-accidents

We recognised client’s need for cheaper and easier periodic monitoring of slip risk and patented a portable skid tester, the Slip Guardian for that purpose. 

Contact us on 01923 676200 to discuss how FACTS from Surface Control can help you.
Data Access Anywhere
In 2008, we added an online system for recording and analysing slip-test data and everything changed! We realised that the online system provided reliable evidence to defend organisations where slip accidents still occurred and set about creating a cloud-based Compliance System, with the help of leading H&S lawyers and a Barrister.
The design imperative was to:
- Forecast exposure to Slip Accidents
- Reduce the likelihood of these incidents
- Increase the Defensibility against claims for our clients
We have re-launched the compliance service as FACTS; Floor-Safety Audit Compliance Testing System that is now in place with several large organisations in the UK and by reducing their frequency and dissuading litigation has already reduced the financial and human costs of slip accidents markedly.
You can try a free-version of some of our tools HERE